Friday, February 22, 2008

The Beginning...

Here it first post. Lets see where this takes us. But first let me introduce how I am going to go about this blog:

Let me start by saying that I am completely new to this blogging thing, but I am going to do the best I can. I will try to post at least once a week. But the reason why I have decided to start blogging is because I admit that my mind thinks in odd random way. I am constantly letting my thoughts wander. For some reason I have gotten a little stressed by how much I am just thinking and not acting so I decided I might as well put it down somewhere. I guess that explains why I am here.

I think I should now take the time to explain what I plan on talking about on my blog. In one word: Everything. As I said before (unless you weren't paying attention) my mind tends to wander so I plan on putting any significant, and possibly insignificant, idea down. That means I plan on writing on topics such as politics, music, movies, books, current events, places, sports, weather, etc. I might even delve into some personal things. Seriously I could end up talking about anything so don't be surprised if I start rambling on about some random topic. So thats the gist of what is going to be discussed on this blog.

Allow me to introduce myself. I hail from the Midwestern state of Wisconsin in the good old United States of America. I'm a young guy as only a senior in high school, and I may not be the smartest or most athletic person but I think I can hold my own. My personality can be best described as friendly, open, cynical, talkative, realistic, and sarcastic. Now anybody who reads this who actually does know me personally will probably be surprised to see me describe myself as talkative and sarcastic, but all I can say to that is: then you truly do not know me. You will probably see my sarcasm present in most of my posts. Heck, I am planning on having half of my posts be satirical, and poking fun at the world. More about myself: I will admit I tend to be shy in social situations, but I'm trying to break that mold that I have put myself in. Hell, maybe that is why I decided to start writing a blog. I love to play sports. I love to listen to music and watch movies, and view them not just from an entertainment perspective but rather from an artistic point of view. At some point or another I will discuss these interests in my posts. To give you a feel for the political climate in my community, the best description I can give is that my community is very liberal. When I say liberal I mean liberal. My community is so liberal that grass is blue, and babies are born with two left feet. I would have to say that I consider myself to be independent though I do tend to lean towards the Democratic Party's views (I plan on discussing the hypocrisy of independents in a later post, and yes that does mean I plan on criticizing myself to some stay tuned). I will likely discuss a variety of subjects from different perspectives as that is the way I enjoy looking at issue.

I think I have given a sufficient introduction to myself, and how this blog is going to be written. I know this blog may not be the best blog written with the best word choice or sentence structure (or should I say syntax and diction), and it may not be an influential blog read by thousands. But there is always a chance that it might be, which is a good enough reason to do it. I am using this blogging tool to put my voice out there as a voice of the youth. I'm going to do my best, so lets see where this takes me (and my readers). One of my favorite introductions to a new song by a musician, Dave Matthews, was introduced with this statement: "If you like it, good. If you don't, what am I supposed to do?"

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