Friday, September 26, 2008

Economic Blackhole

The more I read about the economy (and I have been reading a lot) the more afraid I become. I mean honestly you got this thing down right? Time to move a few stocks? Go international? Though I know we don't have much in any banks...I just think nothing is looking good. Government is practically becoming socialist with a bailout. Investment banks are moving to pre-depression structures. I don't give a crap how much money Buffet invests in Goldman Sachs the economy as we know it is already in a recession. I laugh out loud when I remember those who said we weren't in a recession a few months Bernanke is WARNING of a very likely recession. Guess what? We are in one. People were so worried then, but then more news came by and we everything grew worse...and now people do not realize how badly this is. At least in my very uneducated opinion. And the federal government still does not pay attention to the increasing risk of inflation...a silent enemy (stagflation anyone?). I just think some people in economics right now never look at what is under their noses, and are not analyzing this enough. We as humans (and greedy Americans) move to rashly in our actions and almost never forsee the consequences. We never learn either. Our greediness constantly blinds us from realizing that we are creating a bubble in any field that we pour tons of money into. Dotcom bubble...housing...there always is one...Remember when that tax rebate seemed like a good it seems so was a tax rebate going to fix a credit crisis when Americans are struggling to pay heating bills? I know everything is going to be very volatile, but it seems like we are constantly making the wrong moves, and even though I am fairly confident everything will turn out fine...there is a growing fear in me that America could be facing an economic crisis that none of us have predicted yet.

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