Monday, November 3, 2008

Bill Kristol the Comedian?

My reasons for reading Bill Kristol's opinion columns in the New York Times are now more for laughter rather than to actually read an educated man's opinion. His editorials covering the election have grown increasingly desperate and delusional; thus, resulting in me laughing my face off. I advise you to read his editorials that have appeared in NYT over the last month or two. I find it funny how you can track how he slowly comes to the realization that Obama will win. But the funniest point is how he always still believes that McCain can still win, and he constantly shells out advice on how McCain can make a great comeback. Even better in his latest article Kristol opens with, "Barack Obama will probably win the 2008 presidential election," but yet he still makes his own article about how liberals and those who support Obama should be happy if McCain makes an amazing comeback, and the way Kristol writes it implies that he still is holding desperately on to the hope that McCain will win. If you have the chance please read his last few editorials that he has written...his thought progression just continues to become more desperate.

And to you Bill Kristol, someday I would like to sit down and talk to you, and see if you are as funny in person as you write. Ever think of sketch comedy???

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