Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eagle Eye

Alright so I'm also going to use my blog to unleash the massive stream of sarcasm that goes through my head constantly throughout the day. I plan to do this in random bouts of satirical fake news headlines (I love The Onion and if you don't know what The Onion is you are going to hell...see that was sarcasm for those people who have trouble picking up on it...John Harrison...cough mom cough), but basically my dream job is to be a writer for The Onion, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, etc. So what will follow under each post with the headline "Eagle Eye" (where we spot the "REAL" news) is anything that a student from Boston College originally from Wisconsin would find funny and like to make funny. Here is one that goes WAY back and makes fun of the democratic presidential primaries:

Eagle Eye
"Where We Spot the Real News"

Clinton to Obama: "You try to pull off this pantsuit"
Obama Does With a Flourish: "I know how to accessorize with the best of them"

Another that goes back a little:

Favre Traded; Hell Freezes Over
Wait...That's Just Lambeau During the Winter Season and in an Economic Downturn

I have been wanting to put those out for awhile. From now on I will be in with the more recent news.

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Temitope said...

yesssss i will look forward to these!