Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Re: Anonymous

I recently got a comment from "Anonymous" on my blog entry "Amazing what a minute can do...". The post was downright vulgar, and crossed the line. So I deleted it right away. But afterward I realized that I should not have deleted it, but rather post it here to show what a fool this person sounded like (I'm guessing this person came from Antsmarching.org, which is a Dave Matthews Band fan site I am a part of...but I also have a feeling it could be another person I know...but I won't say who). Instead I'm going to go over this person's post to demonstrate this.

1. "Anonymous" first began with calling my post stupid and a waste of time. The poster said "anything can happen in a minute", which is the exact message of the post, so thanks for pointing that out I really needed it.

2. "Anonymous" told me to not "waste my life" listing everything that can happen in a minute. Well genius, it only took ten minutes. Amazing what copying and pasting can do.

3. "Anonymous" said I "sound like an emo pussy". Well, I guess you did not care to read any other blog entries. For example, my "Eagle Eye" posts where I try to be satirical, or any other posts where I discuss the economy. If you met me you would not even think of me as emo at all...my favorite band is DMB anyway (obviously from the post you are criticizing you should know that). I didn't even know what emo really was until my senior year of high school, when a self-described emo girl made sure I knew what it meant.

4. "Anonymous" told me to "take dave matthews dick out of my mouth". Just because I wrote one post about him doesn't mean he is the only band I listen to...just my favorite. I also love Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jay-Z, Nas, Jack Johnson, U2, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Radiohead, Coldplay, and Talib Kweli. I have my own wide range of artists that I enjoy so don't worry.

5. "Anonymous" told me that I should stop acting like I "have life all figured out". This part I laughed at. My next post that I am working on is to be titled "Blackhole of Confusion", and this is before saw the reply "Anonymous" put up. I openly admit that this world confuses me so much, and I would never try to act like I have it all figured out.

6. "Anonymous" made a second comment to follow his first to say that "without carter that song sucks anyway. The "carter" the poster is referring to is Carter Beauford, DMB's drummer, and one of the best in music today. He is not on the original song of "So Damn Lucky" because the original was on the solo album that Dave Mattews wrote "Some Devil". But if this poster had any sense or knowledge of the band they would know that this song was played full band throughout the summer tour, and is widely considered one of the highlights of the tour with the extended outro, which my original post was referring to.

7. "Anonymous" used the word "cock" so often in his post that it makes me just think that they were just upset that this did not turn out to be a gay porn site.

8. "Anonymous" obviously only feels comfortable replying and saying stupid things under a name where I do not know who that person is. If you really want to talk like that on this blog then next time why don't you be a grown up, and tell me who you are so we can have a real argument. It would be much appreciated asshole.

"Anonymous" I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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