Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My First Time

Today I officially voted for my first time ever. I mailed my absentee ballot, and now have officially become responsible, along with the rest of the nation, in the politics of my local and national communities. I am not going to say who I voted for, but I bet if either you know me or if we talked about the election for just 5 minutes you could make a pretty good guess.

During this election cycle, I have been paying very close attention to both the primaries and the national election. I not only was interested from a point of fascination, but also because I wanted to be informed. I wanted to be informed because for the first time ever I would be participating in one of the most important elections of this nation's history. I firmly believe that the out come of this election will greatly decide which path our nation takes. All this in the first election that I have a chance to participate in.

From my constant eye on this election over the past two years I believe in the choice I made. Nobody can tell me I made my choice from being young and gullible, or from being biased. I consider myself an independent (though I believe there is some hypocrisy in labeling myself as such), but I will admit I lean left. I do not vote for a specific party. I vote for the candidate who I agree with on issues and policies. I voted for the person who I believe can make America better, and protect it. I may not be the most informed...it's impossible to say that. But I informed myself to the point where I know I made the right decision.

I have now completed my civic duty for this election. And I have done so in an informed manner.

I just wish all of America would do the same.

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